Outcomes from my work

Organisations will:

  1. Gain a clearer comprehension of the most effective strategy for their organisation, and what decisions should be made to align performance, resources, culture, and products and services with this strategy.
  2. Be led by a stronger team that is able to address the short-, medium- and long-term opportunities and challenges facing the organisation.
  3. Have a greater level of awareness of the macro factors that are driving change in the environment within which the organisation is operating, and the opportunities and challenges that these present.
  4. Be more at ease talking about and addressing the difficult situations facing the organisation, both internally within its operating environment and externally in terms of its impact on multiple stakeholders.
  5. Have a deeper sense of the organisation and the leadership culture required to create high performance that delivers the purpose, strategy and decisions that have been agreed.
  6. Transform the understanding of the highest purpose that the organisation is serving and what the positive potential impact on the world could be.

Leaders will:

  1. Develop a clearer understanding of their individual purpose as a leader, and a plan for how they will manifest this through their leadership role.

  2. Design and review a plan for what performance they need to achieve and the impact that they are aiming to make over the short, medium and long term.

  3. Acquire a stronger understanding of the strengths that they can deploy to the opportunities and challenges that they face.

  4. Gain a deeper understanding of and address the development needs in areas that could derail their organisations and cause them to underperform.

  5. Create a plan for how they will build a team that complements their strengths and builds the capabilities that are needed to achieve the short-, medium- and long-term deliverables required.

  6. Review the level of alignment between what they are doing now and their understanding of their purpose as a leader, to then determine what changes they need to make to align these two aspects more closely.