Our Clients

We have worked with clients from the UK, North America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. We also have worked with clients in the following sectors: Consumer Goods, IT, Legal, Financial Services, Government, Natural Resources, Consultancy and Insurance.

Some of these clients are based in ‘old’ industries, such as finance, energy, consumer products and aerospace – all created in response to opportunities in the 20th Century.

These industries are now coming under increased pressure due to some of the ways in which they are structured and focused, often finding themselves irrelevant and problematic in the face of 21st Century challenges. Climate change, animal protein consumption, excessive use of plastic and other natural resources, and tougher regulations, are all raising questions around the continued legitimacy and sustainability of these industries. This is manifested in terms of stranded assets, limited growth and profit opportunities, and an increased sense that their products and services are ‘running out of road’ due to regulator and consumer decisions. The pressure for a continual flow of dividends from shareholders makes it challenging to effect fundamental changes to the way in which they operate without this being perceived as destroying shareholder value. This paradox of needing to change in the long term and finding it difficult to do so in the short-term results in a very challenging journey of strategic transformation that leaders of these companies need to navigate.

Others in ‘new’ industries founded on the promise and reality of digital technology are also coming under increasing pressure. However, the dysfunctional impact of AI in social media, poor employee relationships, T&Cs in online retail companies and questions of trust regarding the use of consumer data, are all factors that are proving difficult to navigate. While many of these companies are considered growth stocks, the leaders face the same paradox between the need for short-term growth in the share price and the damaging impact of some of their practices in the long term. These factors and, in some cases, their monopolistic size is putting them at risk of aggressive regulation.

Feedback for Dr Andrew White

"Over the past few years, we have worked closely with Andrew to establish a highly effective and collaborative leadership team. His style and work has supported us to grow as leaders, both at a personal as well as a collective level. In addition, as all organisations wrestle with their place in the world and a sense of core purpose, he has held us to account against our underlying mission and vision so that our strategy leaves a lasting imprint on all our stakeholders. He has a unique ability to get the very best out of an individual, whilst equipping them with the tools and perspectives required to succeed in today’s multi-faceted world.  As he pushes us to “aim for the stars”, his support has ensured that “our feet remain firmly on the ground".

Katherine Garrett-Cox CBE
Gulf International Bank (UK)  

"My coaching programme with Andrew has been a rewarding and helpful experience… a journey actually. I have learned to value my achievements more and be more comfortable in my own skin. Something that I have never found at all easy. It’s made me more thoughtful in decision making and even more relaxed in making decisions. Not what I had expected. At this later stage of my career Andrew has facilitated a new point of view on “what next” and helped me look at this challenge with enthusiasm. We have crystallised some options. In my day-to-day business we had the opportunity to look at some specific challenges and consider the best way in which to deal with these, whilst keeping relationships alive and well. This proved very valuable, both personally and commercially. Finally, Andrew taught me to find personal space and switch off using some meditation techniques. As a person who never sits down this was a real personal benefit. It was all very enjoyable".

Nick Dunlop
Managing Director
Willis Towers Watson

"Andrew White is one of the visionary voices in the field of personal and organizational transformation. He gave a keynote presentation at our Next Practice Institute among luminary thought leaders and stood out for his understanding of the path to creating more humane, mindful and alive workplaces. His personal radiance of presence and his warm, embracing style leave everyone feeling welcomed, inspired and invited to be part of a larger movement for good.  Andrew will be one of the pioneers that brings mindfulness to business and compassion to the workplace".

Amy Elizabeth Fox
Chief Executive Officer
Mobius Executive Leadership and organiser of the Next Practice Institute Conference

"Andrew was part of a skilful and expert facilitation team who worked closely with us over a period of months in an exercise to help refresh the company’s vision and strategy. By bringing the latest thinking in leadership and strategy development, as well as a deep appreciation of the importance and meaning of being purpose-driven, Andrew quickly won the trust and the confidence of Unilever’s leadership executive, never being afraid to challenge assumptions or old orthodoxies. As such, he played an important role in helping us to define and evolve our mission of being a purpose-led, future-fit company, as captured now in our Unilever Compass". 

Alan Jope
Chief Executive Officer  

"Andrew has the rare ability marry thought leadership and academic rigour with the confidence and dexterity required to consult with and advise senior leaders and have meaningful peer to peer conversations with them about the greatest strategic challenges that they are facing.

His passion is ‘Purpose’, and this aligns with the ESG demands that senior business leaders are engaged with. At our Future Talent Conference in 2020 Andrew’s keynote and masterclass explored how leaders needed to have critical conversations to successfully lead in a radically changing landscape. He framed it around one simple but profound question: ‘as a leader what strategic conversation(s) are you not having that you need to have, which could lead to a major transformation in how you think about and implement your Purpose?’

It’s a joy to work and collaborate with Andrew across a range of client-engagement activities, and he’s an effortlessly brilliant keynote speaker".

Jim Carrick-Birtwell
Founder & CEO, Future Talent Learning