Our Approach

Our approach starts by putting the situations, challenges and opportunities that you are facing front and centre. This is achieved by creating a space for you to transcend the challenges and seize the opportunities.

The processes that we use involve difficult and challenging questions that seek to get to the heart of what is holding you back from performing at your best, over both the short and long term. We have found questions such as those listed below to be very helpful in opening up the right conversations:

  1. What are you not discussing that you need to talk about?
  2. What do you always discuss, but never resolve?
  3. What do the answers to questions 1 & 2 suggest that your organisation’s purpose should be?
  4. What spaces do you need to create in the company to have these conversations?

From this foundation, we are able to help you gain a much clearer understanding of the challenges and opportunities that you face. This is often not easy or comfortable, but we find that this is the only route to successfully addressing the aspects that are holding you back. History is littered with failed companies, and failed leaders who were not prepared to have difficult conversations that would then lead to the right actions. What we find is that, when these conversations progress, they lead to a deeper understanding of the purpose that an organisation is serving and what the organisation needs to do to align high performance with this purpose in the short and long term.

Our work frequently involves bringing an executive team back more than once to the same challenges until those challenges have been successfully resolved. We are neutral in terms of the focus of this work, covering everything from problems with an IT system to understanding why an organisation needs to fundamentally change in response to shareholder, regulator, climate and consumer concerns and demands. We also recognise that these shifts in performance and activity often require a change in leadership capability. This is where our coaching work is really important. At our best, we are working with a client over a one to two-year period to help them to undertake the transformation(s) that they have identified.

Today, we find it rare to come across a company or industry that is not going through some form of disruptive change, or where a disruptive change is not on the near horizon.