Coaching is at the heart of the activity supporting any high-performing leader, and the organisation that they lead. The role of coaching is the identification and removal of the impediments to high performance, by putting a focus on maximising the leader’s potential and impact.

Through creating a space for reflection, understanding and action planning, leaders are able to address the mindsets and activities that are responsible for sub-optimal performance.

Dr Andrew White and his team work with a number of CEOs and C-Suite leaders each year. The process that he uses starts with a rigorous understanding of the following factors:


The leader who is being coached and the impact that they have on their team and the wider organisation. We use the Leadership Circle ( assessment tool for this. This is a transformative tool, which enables leaders to go through the necessary process of change.


The nature of the culture for which they are responsible. We use The Collective Leadership Assessment ( to understand where the challenges and opportunities are and how to transcend them.


The definition of what they need to deliver in order to achieve success. This will involve executive, shareholder and board interviews as appropriate.

Using these three sets of data, the coaching will then focus on the following points:


To review a detailed picture of ‘success’ over an appropriate timescale.


To review the ‘flight path’ to, and ‘action plan’ for, this success.


To ‘identify and transcend’ the factors that could impede this success (i.e. the leader’s behaviour and mindsets, the performance of the team that they lead, the opportunities and challenges in the culture that they are responsible for and the stakeholder relationships that they have with board members, shareholders and, in some cases, other stakeholders including regulators and pressure groups).

What they say about the coaching days

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